This is a place to showcase the REAL men of tumblr.

Not the airbrushed, six packed models, but rather the everyday guys who run their own blogs. The married guys, the single guys, the dads, the working men, the students, the young guys, the old guys and all those in between.

Submit your pics of any kind - naked, clothed, face, body, at work, at play, cocks, asses; however YOU would like to be seen. I'm happy to feature you anon, or with credit to your blog - whichever you would prefer.

Submit to me here or on email: or contact me via my personal blog

Lets celebrate EVERY man of tumblr.
I still love hand pictures, boys and am happy to post them at any time… i think they show so much about you…
Think I’m destined to always be a week or so late with my pics, but here is my hand. My knuckles are a bit scraped after doing a boxing workout… and my nails are getting like Richard Clayderman’s…
A great new B&W pic from one of our regular contributors jms666
Check out his page for lots more sexiness…
Well of course i had to reblog this… for all the real men…
And you seem to fill out said underpants rather well IMHO…
Reminds me that I’ve got… underpants :-)
Now that head needs a big sloppy kiss planted right there!!
You’re gonna need sunglasses to keep from being blinded by my head today!
Here is superdave90 and his super cock watching some super porn!
Well living here in Aus, I’m VERY JEALOUS of anyone who is getting to the beach right now, tan or no tan!!
To celibrate a trip back to the beach of my profile pic and just enjoying myself, here is my not very tanned self.  I did mention something like beach bunny shots to Bella :) but this will have to do
Good lord….
Thanks to abbotbear for this impressively creamy submission
I think i’ve gone blind…
Always love to post face pics… thanks to gendereuphoria for this one!
It’s great to come back and find some new realmen submitting…. welcome :) 
One of my followers suggested I submit a picture. Here I am in all my slightly chubby and average sized penis glory. Enjoy! ;)
Aaaaah…. so it seems i need to apologise to all my realmen for being a slacker with our blog. I have submissions sitting here, so i have no excuses other than just the usual time pressures/real life shit… but i’m back and i promise that if you’ve submitted to me over the past few weeks then your picture will be posted soon.
You will also be entitled to one (or two if you ask nicely) spank of my bottom - or i can spank yours if that’s what you’d prefer. I do have a riding crop for that very purpose… we can work towards the strap on later… ;) 
And if you feel like submitting something new, then please feel free… keeping in mind that it doesn’t have to be a cock picture - this isn’t a cock blog as such (although boys being boys, i still seem to post quite a lot of them!!). 
Now, seeing as our good friend fireguy was the first cab off the rank when i started realmen, how about we let him be first again this time. Take it away Sir!!
Seems the the real men have taken a bit of a siesta, while the real women are always ready to rumble. So here’s my salute to our incredible tumblr ladies! May you always appreciate our staff at full mast and be patient when our brain goes limp! ~fireguy
Hahaha, here’s Sammy giving us the finger, because he presumably didn’t want to give us the cock!!
A gorgeous sentiment from a gorgeous guy!!
And i agree totally…. we love to see you all in lots of different ways!!
So many cocks…so few smiles…